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Monday, 30 Mar 2020

About Us

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Arslatino.com is a website created and developed by Chilean talents ten years ago, spearheading, innovating, and improving the access and visibility of Latin American art and its creators by means of this virtual showcase.

This background empowered the contact and mutual collaboration with individual artists and their workshops in Chile and other Latin American countries. As a result, Arslatino.com now is a renowned cultural space in the field of Chile’s Visual Arts.

Today, the major goal of Arslatino.com is a site to see, learn, and buy Latin American art, and the globalization enables our interaction with all Latin American residents around the world.

Arslatino.com is expanding its market activities to reach this segment for which we open and extend this virtual shop.

Arslatino.com offers Latin Americans living around the world the opportunity to buy and to publicize their countries’ art, to show the world the creativity and the talents of their faraway native country.

Arslatino.com excels in the description of each artwork, highlights the creativity of each artist, and shows the reviews of experts and the public opinion of different countries.

Arslatino.com is a shop, but also delivers information about what is happening in the world of culture, and specifically the arts including artistic craftworks. Arslatino offers authenticated and certified artworks having entered alliances with such Chilean public and private entities as the Foundation Artesanías de Chile, the Technical Cooperation Service SERCOTEC, the Foundation TPH Work for a Brother, and others.

Arslatino.com is a VIRTUAL ART STORE that offers diverse service alternatives at its modern comprehensible site.

Arslatino.com by means of its modernized platform, invites all proactive communities to engender animated discussions on art and related themes.


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