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Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

VICENTE HUIDOBRO, Chilean poet, an adventurer of culture

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44rf0Ten of the thirteen painted poems, concept and creation of the Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro constituted the exhibition at the Gallery of Foundation Telefonica, in Santiago de Chile. The non-rigidly chronological  display included letters, manuscripts, and portraits made by well-known intellectuals and artists from Huidobro’s times, who were his good friends. A true acknowledgement of the dream of this “adventurer of culture”: to fuse all arts into one and then experience the aesthetic pleasure, boundless, unlimited.

Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro’s first years supposedly were frenzied. After campaigning that Cubism be renamed Creationism (in 1921) he undertook an impetuous lecture tour to Paris, Berlin, Stockholm and Madrid. He abandoned all that the following year and ventured into the world of fashion, music and the plastic arts. An extract of his poem Tour Eiffel (1918) was musicalized by Varèse with the title Chanson de la- Haut in the course of the first half of 1922.44rf1

Vicente Huidobro construed art as something comprehensive, an intense aesthetic pleasure. An artist ought to integrate in his or her inner self all arts and each one ought to interact with the other one so to empower its initial message. This was the underlying idea of the new concept Creationism, Art was seen as one entirety, one creation in search of an objective.

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