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60rf0Since man was capable of modifying and explaining nature, he has materialized his spirituality and creative thinking in different ways and materials, which reflect his apprehensions, interests, judgment or his sense of beauty. This in the arts is called technique, e.g., the utilization of a specific material to execute an artwork. In general terms, the technique applied by an artist is directly related to pigmentation, shape, texture and the persistence over time of the artwork.

The main drawing characteristic is the utilization of lines or strokes. In comparison to all other techniques drawing stands out by the swiftness of its execution. The ideal support of pen and brush drawing is white paper or a smooth surface. Rough grained paper, colored or not, is the most appropriate support for pencil, pastel or charcoal drawing. Drawing charcoal is the product of the slow combustion of wood sticks with addition of resins and alcohol to prolong its service life. Brush drawing artists employ different types of ink; the most habitual one is china ink, although sepia ink also may be used. On its part, the requirements for pencil drawing are black pencils, gypsum white and color or colored chalk.