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Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020


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72rf0Since the moment man was capable of modifying and explaining nature, he has materialized his spirituality and his creative thinking in different ways and by means of different materials that reflect his cogitation, interest, conviction, or sense of beauty. In art, this is called technique, that is, the utilization of a material to perform an artwork. In general, an artist’s technique is directly related to the final pigmentation, shape, texture, and durability of his or her artwork.

Photography is the art of recording a moment or an instant of time. The image may be recorded on any light- sensitive surface. The beginnings of photography date back to the discovery of the Camera Obscura, and then the use of mirrors to invert the image and the application of chalk-based, light-sensitive substances, silver chloride and nitric acid. In 1816 Joseph Nicéphore Niépce created the first negative images. However, it was only in 1827 that he produced his first photograph by means of pewter plates covered with bitumen of Judea and lavender oil. A few years later Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre created what now is called the daguerreotype with silver-coated copper plates treated with mercury vapor. This improvement turned out to be the basis of modern photography that in its turn was developed stepwise into color photography and diapositive up to the present day digital photography.

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