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Thursday, 20 Feb 2020


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91rf0His art is merry, solidary and Caribbean with strong colors and touching themes.  The Dominican Cándido Bidó construes the weakest and humblest human beings and makes them protagonists of his artworks: A woman selling dolls; a mother with a child in her arms, or a gentle child holding a bird.

 Cándido Bidó started out as an office boy at a school of the Dominican Republic, who dreamt of becoming a painter and therefore practiced with the linnen remnants discarded by the art teacher, a nun. He picked them up and took them to the terrace roof, tacked them on a wall and thus set up his works’support. Once he had concluded a large mural and thought he should display it, he invited the nun to come up to see it, and although she continuously dodged and postponed his request, there came the day on which she  dared to go up and discovered the artist in the humble young man.91rf2


This was the touching artistic beginning of one of the most important Dominican and internationally renowned artists:  An artist whose works are traded in his country and abroad, because his prestige and recognition have reached several European and Latin American countries, the Middle East and the United States.


Bidó was born in 1936; after graduating from the National School of Fine Arts of his country, under such teachers as Gilberto Hernández Ortega, Yorand Morel, Celeste Woss Gil, Eligio Pichardo, Clara Tovar and others, Bidó taught in his alma mater and in a private academy he set up in his workshop of Santo Domingo.  He created a cultural foundation in his natiuve town of Bonao and worked in the Plastic Arts School of the Air Force.

Throughout his long career, this Dominican artist has displayed his production at innumerable worldwide exhibitions, biennals, and contests. His artworks are part of many museums, such as La Tertulia of Cali and the museums of Contemporary Art of Panama and Spain. He is regarded as one of the most representative artists of the Caribbean by virtue of his utilization of tropically warm and vibrant pigments.


Constant elements of his artwork are suns, fruit, flowers, and mountains of predominantly  vigorous and contrasting tones. With evident academic knowledge, enhanced coherence and equilibrium, Cándido Bidó opts for “solidarity with the poorest and the discovery of the landscape’s magic”, according to a commentator of this Dominican’s artwork.


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