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Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020


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69rf0Since the moment man was capable of modifying and explaining nature, he has materialized his spirituality and his creative thinking in different ways and by means of different materials that reflect his cogitation, interest, conviction, or sense of beauty. In art, this is called technique, that is, the utilization of a material to perform an artwork. In general, an artist’s technique is directly related to the final pigmentation, shape, texture, and durability of his or her artwork.

The basic engraving characteristic is the base metal plate, on which the artist carves an image by way of a burin, aquatint, drypoint, and aquafortis, depending on the materials to be used: acids, direct engraving or varnishes. Burin engraving consists in drawing lines on a steel, copper, or zinc matrix without any acid treatment; a Drypoint is a steel wire used to scratch an image on the metal, while Aquafortis is an engraving technique that requires nitric acid and consists in coating the copper plate with a layer of varnish and working with a steel needle point. Aquatint consists in distributing a small quantity of powdered resin on the plate, apply heat under it to soften and adhere it and then incise the image with special acids.

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